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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another healing pie story

I received this email from Caitlin Davidson, a reporter for a student newspaper at University of Waterloo, Ontario. Last year, the school did a project, "Differ/end: The Caledonia Project", a production based on an actual event about land disputes in a town called Caledonia in Northern Ontario. Here's her letter to me, and it's a wonderful example of the healing power of pie.

Throughout the production the students highlighted the sides of the argument that hadn't been seen before - both sides, as well they discussed some lesser known facts of the event. This is a story taken from that project - I was the reporter that covered the production for the paper.

On the day of the largest clash between the police and residents of Caledonia (white) and the protesters and occupiers of the Caledonia land dispute site (native), there was a tire fire set. Across the road one of the residents of Caledonia spent the entire day tirelessly making pies - she could see the tire fire on the land claim across the street through her kitchen window.

With forgiveness and prayer, she walked to the native side of the dispute and gave the natives the pies she had spent the day making. Her and her husband did not support either side, but had been working to maintain good relations with both sides. Some say her pie making was a first step toward a resolution, and while the conflict is still ongoing, she and her family have made their peace with what's been happening - while the rest of the town struggles to do that.

While your work is done for the healing and restorative powers, this is another example of hard work and human kindness that is struggling to heal people - although these are spiritual wounds and not physical issues.

"Differ/end: The Caledonia Project" was a great experience for me to watch and for the students involved to help out, and in the same way that it was for me to watch this - it's good to read about the work you're doing.

Thanks for your time,
Cait Davidson