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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Love letter to Pino

Pino loves mail. He still gets an apron or two in the mail, keeping the post office in shape. This past week one of our Pie Ambassadors wrote a nice comment to Pino on the blog, and it brought back the fun memory of the '08 Pie Day. It made me smile. Remembering how the donkey door was left open for just a second and little Lucia very politely, and very much in ladylike mode, got out and walked right up to the pie table. It made all the little girls squeal and giggle, and even us old farts got a big laugh.

Note to self: next year, have separate table, smaller, for donkey consumption.

Thanks for writing Lisa and Kiran...we hope you can come next year too..."oh my goodness, in our absence you've been discovered Pino! sorry that Kiran and i have not been able to check in since the end of the summer, but we have not forgotten you and your wonderful farm mates. we loved getting to pet and meet you on your pie day and it was so very generous to let the entire birthday crowd come. the best part, that we still reminisce about, was when Lucia snuck out of the gate and went over to check out the pies herself. i know you were probably saying 'tsk tsk' to yourself in donkey language, but we thought it was very funny.we have also spread the lavender from your farm around the world as gifts, and look forward to seeing you again next year on pie day."