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Friday, December 19, 2008

Huckleberry extends snow day

In which nature throws us another beautiful inconvenience...

We received another 6" or so over the night and into the early morning. I lay in bed and listened. I thought about what a perfect little life a snowflake lives. It's born of water and comes together with all sorts of other snowflakes, each one different but each sharing a common heritage. Once born from water, do they huddle together in anticipation of their first and final journey through the clouds? As they float through wind and sky, getting closer and closer to the arms of the trees and the lap of the earth, do they sense whimsy, or perhaps melancholy of the quickness of life? They come to their respective resting spot, settle in a group, huddled together, waiting for the warmth of the sun to take them, just as they came, in water.

Getting water to the animals is the main challenge right now, but it's fine. We are supposed to get another cold blast on Saturday and Sunday. Our trip to pick up Guinniess might be delayed to mid week or next Monday. AS disappointed as I am not to have him on Monday, I guess there is no point getting stuck on an iced free way with a 90# lab with gas, a one-eyed senior pug with gas, a senior pygmy goat.