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Friday, December 12, 2008

Bring him home

12.16.08 UPDATE: Wow, my heart is full and warm even in cold weather from the support of so many. We are planning to drive up next week, so stay tuned. The weather is a factor, but for sure we'll get up before New Years. I can't wait to bring the old boy home, and to meet Ellen and her farm. Pictures will be posted, and an interview with Guinness too.we'll be driving up with the One Eyed Pug and Huckelberry, so add a goat in there and it should be fun. It is quite a juggling act arranging farm care, and the trip was too long for a one day journey, especially in the winter, so we had to arrange overnight arrangements. All donators will recieve their APifera gift in a month or so. I just can't express my gratitiude.

I came upon this senior fellow needing a home. Guinness started his life like many little pygmy goats, in 4H with a little child who supposedly loved him. At that time he had another name, though it is unknown. The little girl grew up and lost interest him and eventually the parents tired of caring for him, so they gave him away. I wonder if she ever thinks of him? He ended up in a place with some goats, and was renamed Guinness [after the beer], but they had trouble with keeping him out of the garden, or sleeping on their porch, so they surrendered him last summer to the New Moon Goat Sanctuary up in Washington. New Moon is a wonderful place, operated by Ellen Felsenthal [who takes wonderful animal photos!]. Guinness is now about 15, an older age for a goat [though some live longer].

So, in keeping with my promise to my ever loyal and supportive husband, I need to find sponsors so I can adopt Guinness and bring him to his forever haven here at Apifera. The sponsor funds will help me make the 12 hour round trip and help pay for the adoption fee. As a senior animal, he might need some special care too, although feeding a pygmy is not that difficult.

I have donated a lot of money and art this year to other wonderful animal causes, and I was happy to do it. But I need a helping hand at times too. I want to make it clear that this money is to help me break even on bringing home this animal. In these economic times, there are so many more animals in need - people are abandoning their horses, and pets on roadsides all over the nation. Senior animals whose owners pass on are also being passed on - right into the shelter system where they surely face death when they should be facing a warm lap and fireplace.

I know I can't save them all, or even 1% of them, but if I can help senior animals come here to live, they can have a senior life they deserve - resting old bones in the sun, having a good rub down, sharing a stroll with a buddy, getting a good look at the full moon. [We're still working on finding the right senior dog to bring home for final hospice care - stay tuned.]

Thank you, everyone!!!!! Apifera's gift and a Guinnias message will arrive in January!