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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dec. 27th/Storm update

Power appears to me on for us full time now [ahhhhh] since Xmas, but the phones remain out in early morning while they refill the generator attached to the phone line pole, and then the phones go on at about noon and appear to remain on through the day and early evening. So until PGE gets power up the road 2 miles, the phones will most likely be out in mornings. I want to just kiss my Versizon tech who got really did a great job in this storm. We ran into him during storm and I just wanted to hug him.

We hope to keep power, but it has been known out here in rural areas to go in and out with downed trees. We now have roofs all cleared of 24+ inches of snow - thankfully, no roofs have collapes. We fretted about the one side of old barn where rams and goats live. Thank you universe. We saw some barns down in past days. Haven't had mail in 7 days! Which is sort of ridiculous since side roads are pretty good now. We ventured into town and the post office and there were many people there in same boat, and one old guy spoke up loudly, "Where is she???"...SO that 'the mail must go on" doesn't happen here.

However, we could have it much worse, and are so thankful for getting power on, and have the paths clearing to water buckets. Water hauling is lessoned now.