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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big baby crib awaits

I sat with my camera on the orchard bench, sipped coffee, and let Martyn do all the hardest work on the new gate we put into the orchard area today. Guinnias enjoys being around when we're working, it's pretty sweet. Frankie was napping in the barn, and donks and sheep were in the field, so it was quality time with the old man, and the mate.

As usual, we marathoned it all weekend. I wanted to get this new gate up for better acces into the orchard area, as it's handy for pre-lambing, and I can keep a shepherdly watch for labor signs from my studio window.

I was convinced one of the ewes was going to lamb Friday nite and separated her out. But it would have been only 20 weeks, and we always lamb at 21 or 22 weeks. I was wrong, and she put up with my hovering about, checking her udder, giving her back rubs. I won't say which ewe, and you can still the lambing guessing game. I could be all wrong on which one I think is going to blow first. We gave shots this morning, and I got all my other stall prepping done, so I'm ready for those babies.

It was nice working outside all weekend with my handy man. He wore his farmer stubble, and I my trademark green hat. I tried to take some arty shots of me and Guin, but my hat just kept taking over.


gangstalking-australia said...

Love your blog, and love your lifestyle even more, am totally jealous. Seriously, what a beautiful way to live, back with nature. More people in the world need to take more notice of the simple way of life, and how it can give so much in return. Thanks for sharing.

farmlady said...

What excitement! I just know BLUE is going to bring forth the first lamb. Go Blue go!!

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