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Monday, February 09, 2009

When goats get gifts

I suppose now that the post office knows the donkey gets mail, and a lot of it, they won't flinch if they knew that the recipient named "Guinnias" on today's box is a senior citizen goat.

A very thoughtful reader from way out east sent the old man his favorite - animal crackers, and Teddy Grahams. I told her on this gloomy, cloudy, snow sprinkled day, I was tempted to get back into bed with a glass of milk, and dunk my way to oblivian. But that would be stealing, not to mention selfish. She had meant to send them for last Friday's Guinnias Day, but the late arrival is the same fun as getting a birthday present from afar a week later - it just makes the day being celebrated a bit longer.

To my delight, Ms. Elida also enclosed a copy of Anne Lamott's book on writing, and pointed out that Lamott makes the statement "Writing makes you a writer." I am so thrilled to get this book, and will jump into it tonight. It seems like an encouraging message out of the sky, as I just finished Chapter 3 of the my novel, so perhaps my guides are all amused and delighted, and wanted me to know. It's wonderful when people I've never met, [although, my gift giver is a loyal follower of my blog and my art] reach out with morsals like this, encouraging me, and just making the world seem like a pretty darn good place to be, if one has to carry a body around.

A funny part of the story, when Elida went to buy the animal crackers, she was buying a lot of snack stuff for a super bowl gathering. As the cashier checked it all through, she came to the bags of animal crackers and said, "Oh, you're even getting them these fun cookies," and Elida said, "No, those are for an old goat in Oregon."
It's wonderful that some how the whim of Apifera has touched a checkout woman in Conneticut.

So, to my fairy from afar, Guinnias is appreciative, as am I. And to let you all know, last Friday's special Guinnias Day was very special - the weather was warmish, and he and I spent some of it together in the vegetable bed which we are prepping for planting. At the last minute, I decided 'no guests", which allowed him to enjoy some time around me and cookies without getting banged by Frankie. We did enjoy the company of late arriving chickens. I neglected to make a special head piece for him, but one knows, clothes and accesories don't make the goat.


coloredsock said...

so why didn't you pull Guinias into bed-dunkin' cookie oblivion with you?? bird by bird is really inspiring! i've read it several times and use it a lot. have fun with it!

Unknown said...

How wonderful a gift!

Bloomin'Chick Jo said...

Another wonderful post! I truly enjoy reading your blog.

Bird by Bird is a fantastic book which I have read many times since my college days.

An unexpected gift is always reshreshing!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Well now I'm really excited to read it! Yea, Guinnias is happy, I treated him to the much fresher, better tasting Animal Crackers last nite. He is so pleased. Ok, OK, I had some, but limited myself oto 10.

farmlady said...

My goats want Guinnias to know that they have never tasted Animal Crackers, but after they read your last post they have consulted with their owner and these crackers are now on the shopping list.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I guess I should point out that we don't over animal cracker anyone here. But they make perfect little treats, great for tendering. Boone gets one, Frankie 1/2, Rosie and Olive Oil the sheep get one, donkeys get 1 each, the rest to Guinnias.

One mustn't add to much human food in their diets. OK, there was that one hot dog Pino gets 1x a year at the birthday picnc. Boone also drinks coffee, but this is a 2-3 time a year occasion, because I just like to see him slurp it out of the cup like Mr. Ed.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Oh, Jenny, I LOVE the book, am devouring it. Will post more when done...now, Guinnias in bed with me an milk and crackers...Yea, why the hell not?

Susan Moorhead said...

Bird by Bird is one of my favorites - she makes all the weirdness and doubt that can come with writing just so laughable and okay and human. I love her stuff - and man, I love that goat! What a face!

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