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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stella and Iris

The sun rose like it did everyday, but today being Wednesday, it was just a teeny bit earlier than yesterday. So noted Stella, the largest of the two Boer goats sitting on a wooden pallet, surrounded in mud with the heads of new grasses peaking out.

Visit Tails & Tales, the short story site of artist/Katherine Dunn to read this story.


deedledumpling said...

Girls, you make me laugh!! Thank you for broadening my horizons on boundaries. What silly things, really!!!

Cathy said...

This wonderful tale warmed my heart and made me giggle. Just like Iris!

farmlady said...

I know that they think like this. They do, they do, they do....

Flassie's Fil'a said...

You are such a great story teller!
Love the art and the photos!

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Pat said...

I'm with Iris. I don't like fences either. Fences are to open and get out of, so there.
That was in defense of the the "monkey" goat.
That was a good story, thanks.

coloredsock said...

you gals are quite the entertaining trio. love the story, K. it flows so naturally for you. more, more! and i'm all about NO fences. i guess the only one oso has is our door...and he simply rings the yak bell to alert me, and i am the steady gate opener giving him daily "insie-outie" priviledges. hee. he's got me wrapped around his paw, big time.

Candace said...

That is a beautiful, sweet story. I've never known a goat personally but they seem like lovely creatures.

sherri said...

You just keep outdoing yourself! I can't tell you what an inspiration you are. The art, the animals, the gardens and boundless creativity. How do you get it all done so finely?

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