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Friday, July 31, 2009

Crazy 'Buttercup' Days

Become a Fan at my Facebook page. and take another $100 off of the current sale price for our beloved "Buttercup" painting. That would make the price a smashing milky price of $495 [includes USA s/h, and that's a framed painting].

You have to email me though so I can send you an electronic email [or you can pay other ways, just ask]...note that the store lists the price at the regular sale price of $595.

Buttercup would love a home in the Midwest where cows have lush grass all summer. Or the East where she might catch some Atlantic storm breezes. She's up for anything though.


Barb Mowery said...

This post makes me think of those "Happy Cow" commercials in which cows are auditioning for the camera American-Idol-style to be chosen as the next Happy Cow...and to relocate to California. Cute pitch for Buttercup! Hope she finds a home. :)

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Alas, Buttercup still doesn't have ahome. She is happy here until the right adoptee comes along. She is back at normal, worthy price over on the store blog www.apifera-a-day.blogspot in the Original Art section. Don't forget, payment plans.

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