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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Miss Prairie Pussytoes has gone

I had hoped she'd return, but it appears Pussytoes is truly gone. She disappeared once about a month ago, along with Bradshaw, but since they came to the farm as adult ferels, they were more prone to roam. But that time they came back after about 3 days.

This time they went missing over 10 days ago now, but Bradshaw came back after a day or so. The reality is she probably is not coming back this time.

Appearing in the hay barn one day back in'05, she was sweet from the start. I wonder if she and Bradshaw were siblings, as he sort of appeared soon after. She had a wonderful fluffy coat. She loved the simple things in life, like sitting in the sun. Martyn always said, "She's a real beauty". While she hung with the barn gang, Pussytoes was one of the few cats who would 'crossover' into the Big House area. She never came to the porch, but would meet up with me near the gardens. I will miss her in the vegetable garden, as she always came to share company while I weeded.

I hope if you died, it was quickly and that your body rests somewhere under bramble to feed the earth. The cats of Apifera are dispersing into other realms. Bittersweet.