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Friday, February 19, 2010

Free from the 'shoulds'

This piece is now available through the artist at this link. Payment plans available.

I set out to paint yesterday...I set out to paint with a beginning vision in my head. It evolved into this piece, which wasn't in my head. While I enjoyed every second of painting it, at first I was disappointed with the result. I hadn't intended to paint such a child like styled piece.

But it was only seconds that passed before I thought, "So what?"....I have no one standing over me telling me I 'should' do more of this or that to fill my portfolio in a certain way. Been there, done that. This is what I got yesterday. It's very worthy.

Floating can be seen as an escape. Escape for the weights we allow to be put on ourselves, shackles we create in our own lives without even realizing it. So called authority figures, or 'bosses", judges, in our lives that become, without us even realizing it, way more powerful than we need to let them be.

But floating is also a way to look at our lives from a new perspective. That is what this piece means to me.


Anonymous said...

I like it. It reminds me of one of those samplers from long ago.

Suzen said...

I really love this piece and I love the spirit of it, too!

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