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Thursday, February 25, 2010

From Grandma to Mother to Pino

Pino received another apron yesterday. I love the functional simplicity of this one, not fussy but perfect for really working in your apron [versus sitting around and looking aprony in your apron...you know what I mean.]

But what makes this one so sweet is the note that came with it:

Dear Pino and family,
I am sending you this apron for your Pie Day in June. This was my Grandma's "working" apron" in the 1960's and '70's. My mother then wore it after my Grandma passed away in 1972. I hope it helps raise money to support the old animals. Sincerely, Linda J. and grandson James.

The stationary had "I love my grandma' in typeface, and there was a smiling picture of James printed on the paper.

I thought how wonderful, and generous to hand off an apron of one's own family history.It made me think that donating aprons not only helps Pino's cause, but I think it helps a lot of people 'touch' their loved ones of long ago and connect them to life in a meaningful way.This apron that once held hankies and had flour dustings on it, can go on and be useful for someone.

Thank you, Linda and James!

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