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Friday, March 19, 2010

Dirt farmers retreat to beach

Martyn and I haven't had a real day off in....never. Seriously. Thankfully, we love what we do and after a five day work week, we just keep working, on the farm. It's also fortunate we like each other so our weekends at the farm are 95% enjoyable [besides we consume vast amounts of red wine and Apifera food, why go any where?].

But we are feeling our knees need to slow down, now that we are 50. And we feel a need to, well gosh darn it, leave for a day. Today was 70 degrees. And on that first summer like day, a person is beckoned to 'Go West" even if you live 70 miles from the edge of the west. We tossed abandon aside, made sure all lambies were safe, and loaded up Huck and Mud [The One Eyed Pug does not do well on car trips anymore, but he slept happily on his sunny spot all day].

We took the back route to the ocean, up the through the Nestaka River area...so many steel headers out, poor Dirt Farmer yearned to be with them. I have a fantasy I'll become rich and will let Martyn fish al day, while I bake and paint, and I'll have a handy farm hand that looks something like Paul Newman in his 60's. It's a very curvy road, and everything was going swimmingly, until Mud tossed his breakfast, and all the ...er...natural organic matter he had eaten in the yard before we started our trip.

But, do not despair, kind readers! I just happened to have a roll of toilet paper in the car. Why? I know not, but I sure was feeling fortunate I did. I said, "This has got to be the luckiest day of my life - first, it's 70 degrees, second, I'm on 8 hour holiday, and 3, I have a roll of toilet paper handy when my dog gets sick." It doesn't get any better than this. Windows down, we made it to Pacific City where Muddy was introduced to the ocean.

Upon arriving home, Apifera was basking in 4 pm sunshine. No one died in our absence [make mental note to self - "Things can live without you for small amounts of time...unless a hawk comes and grabs a chicken or a lamb...or the donkey gets their hoof trapped in fencing...or...stop me!"

I felt good. I felt alive. I whipped up an apple pie - with raggedy lattice top- it was definitely a good day that was fit for a raggedy lattice top. And Martyn said, "I've been thinking all day about lamb stew." So he set off to cookin'.


Claire MW said...

What a gorgeous day! Much better than my snowstorm.

Anonymous said...

Fun day! The doggy kiss is so sweet. Glad you got a break. Home is the best place to be, imo, but it's nice to branch out now and then and get a new perspective and photo op or 2.

Sharon Stanley said...

yay for you! so happy you got away...makes you appreciate home even more when you return...but yes, it is very difficult to get someone to keep 400 cows while you get away...not like asking someone to feed your cat.

farmlady said...

What a lovely mini getaway. Glad you had such a good time.
About the toilet paper. We always carry a roll in the car and truck. It's come in handy for those places that women dread like outhouses in the middle of nowhere or.... no outhouses at all.
Great dog photos.

Cathy said...

Loved this post, especially the Paul Newman part, heh.

So glad you all got a day off, and I wish I could have seen Muddy's first encounter with the ocean.

Jennifer Ressmann said...

ha! could your animals be any cuter!? I could share some dog in car stories - but maybe for another day. Looks like this one was a nice day. Happy Spring!

Karen Deborah said...

Great post-love dogs- the beach- and the Paul Newman ranch hand? Well that was inspirational. But how do you look at those cute lambs and then eat them? My hat is off to you- your real farmers. Don't get me wrong I eat meat-but it comes in packages and is oh so sterilized from adorable little soft critters underfoot. What a hypocrite I am, I love lamb. IT is however lent so that can be something I will give up, while yours are so little and sweet.

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