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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pie Love: Raggedy lattice tops

I made the Dirt Farmer an apple pie last night, complete with my raggedy lattice top, and onlookers. A 'raggedy lattice top? What's this?" you ask.

Well, I once tried to make a perfect lattice top, like the ones in glossy magazines. After some time trying to master the perfect lattice top technique, I rolled the dough up into a ball, and calmly, but firmly pronounced to all who could hear, the dogs and one cat wandering by the kitchen window, "I do not make perfect lattice tops."

Instead, I mastered what many can't, "raggedy lattice tops". I realized upon making my first lattice top how it looked somewhat like my braids, a bit messy, with little wisps sticking out here and there. But both my braids and lattice work have a nice energy, lacking any bit of arrogance. Martyn loves my lattice tops for their spontaneity, and because they allow the earth's juices to bubble out of the crevices.

So anytime the Dirt Farmer does anything extra heroic, or really grand, like building me a double Dutch door for my Donkey Hug Area, I reciprocate with a raggedy lattice top pie.


Cathy said...

I hope Muddy and Billy got a taste of pie too!

JoyceAnn said...

Looks yummy enough to me !

Sharon Stanley said...

i love anything raggedy...and pie...so raggedy pie= yummy.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea! Yummy too, I'm sure!

But if you do ever want to make a lattice top there is a roller you can buy (or rather, was... can probably find it easily enough) that you roll over the pastry, then you slide the pastry off the worksurface onto the top of the pie and stretch it sideways and it's done - all one piece lattice! I've been meaning to get one myself, not for pies, but for clay work!

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