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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another barnyard meeting

The three senior goats were all contently napping, when a gathering of some kind was heard in the nearby. Old Georgie did not open her eyes, but listened, as best she could. She let the more nimble Gertie do the observing and talking.

"What now? I was just off in slumber. Those lambs! I'll be relieved when they are older."

"Then you'll just be annoyed at their flock bleats," Old Guinnias chimed in.

"The meeting time has been set! 10 am, Friday. Take note!" said an out of breath little, but very rotund pygmy goat, as she barreled through the barnyard, barely missing resting hens and sleeping felines.

"Another meeting?" said Guinnias rather irritated. "The seating arrangements for us old timers are always so worrisome."

"Boone has declared it an official barnyard meeting, so you must attend!" said Frankie.
"and Pino has been declared Chairman of the Seating for Old Timers Committee, " and she hurried off.

"Well at least we know we'll get a proper sitting spot," said Georgie, who finally opened her eyes.

"What's the meeting about?" asked Gertie. "I hope it isn't about rabbit outfits again. I refuse to partake in one more Easter fiasco put on by the hens."

Stay tuned to see what happens after Friday's meeting...

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