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Sunday, July 11, 2010

She found a home!

Update: Kitty Who Dressed Herself has found a home in Oklahoma! I am so pleased she will get a taste of living on the plains and midwest, it will ground her immensely.She is currently packing for the trip, "her ownself".

"What shall you wear today?" asked the mother cat.

"I'm dressing my own self, Mama." came the response, confidantly.

And so begins each morning for this little cat. She reminds me a lot of me as a child. From a young age, I refused to underwear, and my mother would greet me at the breakfast table with a little good morning pat to my behind, to check to see if I was sans unders. Alway, I was sans unders. A tradition I abide by to this day.

Oh dear, I've shared too much.

Anyway, this little cat needs a home. Made of recycled Dirt Farmer socks- clean of course - and scraps of fabric from the bottomless scrap box. A teeny bit of Apifera lavender bud is stuffed in her- better than perfumed kitty litter.

She has no formal name, preferring to be called, "Kitty who dressed herself".

$39.50 includes USA shipping. Scroll to bottom of post to pay.


Cathy said...

Aw, now I feel bad that I took the baby raccoon in her Sunday best home instead. This little girl is so sweet!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

But Baby Raccoon so needed a loving home....

Sharon Stanley said...

she obviously has some stories in her.....she seems like a plucky gal with a mind of her own....even at her tender age. i hope she is soon adopted by someone worthy of her.

Angela Meijer said...

She's wonderful! Both Emma and I just think she's amazing. Have a wonderful trip to your new home Kitty!

Anonymous said...

Kitty has arrived at her new home and sits in a place of honor. She is too adorable and I can feel the love with which she was made.

Big hug,

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