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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

More fashion from the Dirt Farmer

If you are a reader of this blog you know my right hand man, my side-kick in fencing work, the chef of Apifera, the one who follows with hammer and tool belt, is also a fashionista in his own right. It can not be duplicated, so don't try. One must actually be Martyn to pull these outfits off.

Yesterday the Dirt farmer came out to have a coffee break and I noticed the rip in his pants at the knee was being held together by many safety pins. He carried it off with such grace, I felt it deserved a mention.

And for the record, I do not stage these fashion encounters with my husband. As we say in our house, "I dressed my own self today!"


Cathy said...

He looks great in that shirt!

But I think the hat could be improved... ;-}

Sharon Stanley said...

what is it about a man in a hat? and a pink shirt? dashing? maybe not....devil-may-care? maybe....pulled together...perhaps literally....i think i am going with dapper. i think too it is all farmers....at least those i am connected with...they don't like to quite on a garment.....

Jody said...

That man is an original! Don't change a thing!

Anonymous said...

Love it! While there are more fashionable hats out there that one is just fine. Like you said, he dressed his own self today and did a fine job. Love the safety pin.....grin...most would have left it open. Shows he is modest and that is a virtue to honor. The Dirt Farmer is adorable!!!!!!!!!

Hope you both have a WONDERFUL DAY!

marilyn said...

I love hard worn work fashion. So much better than the store bought rips, tears and sanding that you pay good dollars for today. There are stories behind those tears and safety pins, sometimes very funny and interesting stories.

Anonymous said...

Well, it certainly works!

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