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Sunday, October 17, 2010

One needs little to be happy

Muddy reminds us that while one can through life yearning for the newest gadget or bigger house to house those gadgets, we can choose to relish what life presents us- such as a denuded brussel sprout stalk. Huck also approaches life with calm joy, a less exuberant joy than Muddy, but a very wise joy.


Sharon Stanley said...

one more reason to love our pets...so much to learn from them.

Cathy said...

I love these boys so much.

Have I told you about my favorite Brussels sprouts recipe? Leaves separated (madness - they could be slivered instead), sauteed with diced vegetables and bacon.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Sharon- yes! Cathy, yum...we do one where we slice them in half, add oil, garlic, pine nuts, yum. But 'leaves separated", explain more please-

Editor52 said...

Tear off the individual leaves on the Brussels sprouts and saute them in hot olive oil with onions and garlic, then dress with a bit of lemon juice. I could eat an entire pan of these. I'm also giggling because I'm betting half the people who see the picture of the dogs with the stalk have never seen how Brussels sprouts grow!

Amber said...

Oh such sweet pictures! We need to learn from our animal friends and appreciate the simple things in life! You couldn't have bought them an expensive toy and created any more joy!

Jody said...

Huck reminded me that my brussel sprouts are leaning fallow in the autumn garden! I'd gotten sad and forgotten about them! I enjoy your blog so very much.

Suzen said...

Not sure which of them is the last picture, but may I ever so respectfully say...what a cute dog butt! Indeed, one might only need a picture of a very adorable rear end to just make their day.

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