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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Donkey ears now on Huffington Post

I have my first blog entry,"Inspired by Donkey Ears [and Why It Matters]", online at Huffington Post.

I'll be writing there a couple times a month. Posts will focus on art and observing, translating emotions into stories, talking mice and what ever else I am moved by. You know I'll write about puppets, donkeys and old goats as much as I can tie it into the subject.

I hope my posts there will continue to inspire people to look around there own daily world, and see the richness of subjects and characters. And of course, I hope it helps bring more people to this blog and my world of Apifera.


tutto a posto said...

I just read your article in the Huffington Post and feel exactly the same way about our cats' ears. They point the direction to so many things I am interested in--like the birds outside, and tell me when my husband comes home.I love to pet them and hold them between my fingers.

indie grrrl said...

I absolutely adore your world!!!

Annie Pazoo said...

Congrats, Katherine! After following you on Apifera, it's great fun to see your new column on HuffPost, too. Donkey lovers unite!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, that sounds very cool. I'll go check it out.

We Blog Artists said...

Hello, my name is Char...I just read your post after having bought your book...I have 6 children's books to churn out this year...no publisher yet...but we(author) and I (illustrator) are VERY hopeful.
Your book is AMAZING!!!! I want to re-encounter my childhood in paint-pencil-crayon etc...
Thank you for the inspiration.
And your Donkey's sound SO wonderful.

Unknown said...

Congrats and well deserved!

Ruth Armitage said...

Way to go Katharine! I'm so glad to hear that you're spreading the wealth of Apifera all over the net :)

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