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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Falling in with sheep

While I never stop admiring my flock, it is about this time of year, without fail, that I get all sheep conscious. Perhaps it is the spring like weather that flirts with us on these rare January evenings, with a much missed sunset escorting shepherd and flock back to the barn. Or maybe it is the anticipation of lambing, only 6 weeks away, that make my admiration levels for these creatures triple. Their hair coats this time of year are so touchable, curly and soft in ringlets, like a rag sheep puppet one might have had in the 50's, with real hair and not made in China.

I know there was a time when I saw sheep in a field as a child, and admired them, the way they looked like spots on a graceful roll of a hill. I suspect that was just one of the many moments that soaked into my skin long ago, and led me to where I am today. Long live the open eyes and heart of the child. And may all shepherds near and far have healthy lambs this season, and mother ewes full of milk and stamina.


Patty said...

I had the same thought tonight. Our
expecting ewes are out there in the cold winter weather...ready
to make new life soon. Bouncing
lambs exploring everything within
mouth and nose!

Yarni Gras! said...

oh I love this post, thank you for sharing......

Anonymous said...

Downright idyllic photos!

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