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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waiting with Blue

Update: We induced Blue Wednesday afternoon since she began to prolapse moderately. No fever, and no sign of ketosis, the vet confirmed. But she needs to get those babies out. Stay tuned - hopefully by Friday morning I will be holding healthy lambs.

I am hoping Blue has her lambs today. She is very large and uncomfortable. I've been giving her spine massages and she looks at me longingly when I stop. Every day since Sunday I think she's going to lamb. While I fretted over her time line, Edith quietly popped two healthy lambs out Sunday, a girl and boy, while I slept soundly in my bed with the Dirt Farmer, Itty Bitty and Bog Tony. That was easy - I think as I enter the barn.

"Still not ready, Blue?" I ask, holding her beautiful Roman nosed face in my hands.

She looks at me in a plea, "I hope it's soon."

There is a warm light in the barn specific only to lambing time - a warm yellow radiates off the honey colored hair of the sheep, sinks, then absorbs into the hay leaving strands of light to warm any new arrivals...and the shepherdess.


Paula In Pinetop said...

K ~ this post is magical........

Carol............. said...

Makes me want to touch that woolly wool!

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