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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waiting with Blue

Update: We induced Blue Wednesday afternoon since she began to prolapse moderately. No fever, and no sign of ketosis, the vet confirmed. But she needs to get those babies out. Stay tuned - hopefully by Friday morning I will be holding healthy lambs.

I am hoping Blue has her lambs today. She is very large and uncomfortable. I've been giving her spine massages and she looks at me longingly when I stop. Every day since Sunday I think she's going to lamb. While I fretted over her time line, Edith quietly popped two healthy lambs out Sunday, a girl and boy, while I slept soundly in my bed with the Dirt Farmer, Itty Bitty and Bog Tony. That was easy - I think as I enter the barn.

"Still not ready, Blue?" I ask, holding her beautiful Roman nosed face in my hands.

She looks at me in a plea, "I hope it's soon."

There is a warm light in the barn specific only to lambing time - a warm yellow radiates off the honey colored hair of the sheep, sinks, then absorbs into the hay leaving strands of light to warm any new arrivals...and the shepherdess.


Paula S In New Mexico said...

K ~ this post is magical........

Carol............. said...

Makes me want to touch that woolly wool!

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