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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wet goats and Paco writes the sun

The weather is beyond miserable. It's a soaker, but even that can not adequately describe the rains since Sunday, forecast says it will last through the week. We are all disgusted with it, even if it is a natural occurrence and causes all sorts of good things for our Earth ship. It makes the farmer's head wet, as well as the old goat's beard. To make it even sadder, Lambie Outdoor Kindergarten Playground has been temporarily closed. Paco even handed me a letter, addressed to,

"Sun, c/o Sky, Universe, zip code unknown" and asked me to put a stamp on it and post it for him. I couldn't help myself, I held it up to the light and read the contents:

Dear Sun,
Where are you Sun? Please, come out, come to us, we need you. I have gathered a bucket of Fig Newtons to share, but they got very wet because of the naughty, greedy Rain, so they are gone. 

Love, Paco
c/o Apifera Farm


Mary C. Nasser said...

I hope things dry out soon. :)
Your blog is very inspiring!

Carol Attwell said...

I was in your shoes last week in Texas. We praise the rain that is filling our creeks and swimming holes! But Blue and Birdie had other thoughts running through their heads....... they will be sad about Paco's fig newtons.

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