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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Donkey Days

I took time to simply commune with the donkeys recently. After the photo session I did what I hadn't done in some time - sit with them on the ground and just listen. They all eventually are gathered around me, as I kneel and rub their bellies, elbows and muzzles reaching down to my earthen chair.

I've been putting lots of time and energy into a book project and my online workshop. The former I can't share with you - which kills me because it is so fun and I love it so much, but I'm working with a top secret editor in a top secret publishing house in a top secret location on a top secret topic - I hope to know the outcome by mid to late fall.

The online workshop is proving to be much fun to work on - and it has reminded me of my first days here, when I sat for long hours surrounded by my new farm soaking up the wonder of it all. I still have the wonder of that child I became when I stepped foot on Apifera bback in 2004 - it's just in between wondered gazes and heart beats I have many daily tasks - like pig sunscreen sessions.

So I was reminded - go, be with the beasts you share with the world. Just you and them this time.

Right after these pictures, it was just us - no outside world except Donkey Hill.

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