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Friday, July 27, 2012

The little raggedy guy

He's been here one month and little Raggedy Man is still raggedy, but he's putting on weight on his back bone and his skin is getting better. His nutrition was neglected so he has very scaly skin, like a crocodile. He's shedding out better after being neutered.

But the biggest change in this little fellow is his demeanor. Always gentle, he was hesitant and skittish when he arrived. But now he doesn't run from me, and likes to get brushed. He has the most innocent little expression. I have really fallen in love with both Lofa and Raggedy Man. Having so many small dark pygmy creatures around is quite comical - like a barnyard set from "Wizard of Oz". Thank you to Northern Mother and New Moon Goat Farm and Rescue for once again taking them in and getting them down to Apifera.


Debra said...

Thank YOU for what you are doing~
I love your little raggedy man too-is his belly uneven? Or something? In both pictures he looks, well, lopsided...but what a lovely, sweet face.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks, Debra. Goats have a rumen side and other stomachs. The lopsided look is normal- he has eaten so one side looks fuller. But just because he looks like he has a belly doesn't mean he is in good shape - His ribs can still be felt and he had no meat on his backbone when he arrived- so he was malnourished and very thin.

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