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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Freedom ride with Boone

The pictures and words you see here show you the tranquility of moments, snapshots of a fleeting second that had a real essence to the real original viewer - me. And Boone.

I ride on a friend's land nearby Apifera so I cans stay off roads. What a gift to have found this place, 300 acres of Savannah Oak, Doug Fir groves and coastal mountains all around our heads. Mt. Hood lurks under clouds and throws itself at you on a sunny day.

Today as I rode Boone and I thought how many dips and curves there were in my road to get here. But I did. I don't intend to take a moment for granted, at least not when I sit down to write about it.

Boone and I cantered up hills today now that the warmer air is drying paths. It was our first canter outside together and we rode uphill, climbing, climbing into the blue sky that was waiting at the top horizon. We had no fear because we both trusted each other, something we've worked hard to acquire. When we reached the top, we saw the view that many people seek - but first they must pack up suitcases, stuff themselves into flying tin cans loaded with human cargo and endure small packs of peanuts as sustenance.

I am free to do this today, and other days, because of past battalions and sacrifices of many. This Fourth, as I eat my home grown meat and drink some of Earth's best beverage - wine - I will have moments of consciously knowing this. The other moments I will be living to the fullest, enjoying and always acknowledging scenes such as this one with an internal, "Thank you."