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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The nose of a healer

I've had Boone now for five years. I can honestly say, there is not one time I am with Boone - be it brushing or feeding him, watching him in a distant field, riding him, working in a lesson, photographing him, smelling him - that I don't thank the universe I am able to live with him, ride him and grow along with him. I had waited so long for a horse, and found him when I was fifty.

We have come so far together. Today in my workout - let the barnyard take note and the bells ring - Boone did a flying change! I have been working for fun on canter lead changes and am certainly not ready to ride at that level in a show, but what a thrill.

When I drive the short 4 miles to get to the rural barn where I lesson at, my favorite view is seeing his nose sticking slightly out of the trailer. Out my side mirrors, I can see him occasionally take a moment from eating hay to stick his nose out a bit and look at the scenery.

That's one thing a horse gives you - the reminder of the beauty all around, the understanding that if you rise yourself up a bit your entire perspective changes.