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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Post Pie Day Love

I think this photo is the one of so many that got me at my throat this year, and others have concurred. This little guy has such emotion in that face.

What a wonderful day we had yesterday! The weather was perfect, the crowd was well behaved and appreciative, lots of little human creatures this year which always makes it fun.

I had many wonderful encounters. Many people who have read my blog for a long time came and there also were many that had read my "Quiet Little Sack of Sadness" and were so kind in their comments. One person brought me a book on grieving which was so nice.

But, back to the real event.
The donkeys were in perfect form as were the Misfits. this year I did it a bit different and put all The Misfits, including The Pig, into the adjacent paddock next to the Donkey Hug area. This worked out great. And even Boone partook over the fence and I was so glad, as he never gets to partake and he had so much fun getting lots of attention being the only horse.

Goose and Moose were a big hit, I knew they would be. Goose was unphased and I think I have a new superstar on my hands. Little Moose got a bit overwhelmed at times with all the attention and would escape through the gate to rest, but always came back. It was good for him. Old Rudy got a special shaded grassy area by the donkeys and got to nap and eat without bother - as it was a hot day.

The Pig! I was not sure if she would make it through a whole day, but she did. She napped a lot, but was not a problem in the day, which I was glad for. She is grumpy you know! But she took it in stride and the guests seemed to love visiting the hut while she was snoring away in her pig nap.Our volunteer goat handler, Amy, did an excellent job keeping people and ittle ones in line - and safe - and also she took time to explain the stories of the adopted animals. So appreciate that.

Of all the goats, I think Professor Otis Littleberry had the best time. Goose did too - but Professor seemed especially happy getting all the brushing and attention.

And of course of all the cats, Peach, aka Kitty Slut, was everywhere getting love.

And if I may so myself - and it was agreed to by many - my pie, especially the crust, was perfect this year. Perfect.

I want to thank the volunteers so much - Jan Harris for taking wonderful photos, Lisa Kaser and friend for helping in the studio, Cece Hall for being Pie Girl Extraodinaire, Carolyn Holman for again coming out with her fab Girl Bands [I took three, Martyn took one] Stacey Shellington of SkyRanch for giving up a Saturday on a busy farm to come to my farm and help, Amy Mathis for being an exceptional Goat Handler, Annie, Joanne and Cathy for helping in the Donkey Hug area, and all the people who sent aprons or donated. Thank you.

1 comment:

pencilfox said...

what a grand and glorious day.
i wish i could have been in attendance.
i *was* there, in spirit.
but to have eaten pie, to have hugged the animals, to have witnessed such great love....*that* is what i wish i could have been there for....

* love *

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