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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Be more "donkey" and why it matters

I must be more "donkey".

My affliction to donkey ears is a beautiful gift not only to my art, but also to my life and health. Observing them requires me to stop and experience each twitch, which I find completely enjoyable. I see donkey ears as spiritual vessels, entities of their own that fill me up in ways that the man made world can't.

They are the first things I see when I enter the old barn, sticking up over the wood panels, moving to hear my voice or the distant scratching of a chicken. On a windy day, donkey ears can stand the pressure of a strong wind and the small hairs on their tips blow like mini pigtails. They are nothing less than poetry in motion.

While making art, my whole being is in the moment. Time stops -- or goes forward but I am unaware or uncaring of it. But before I paint, there are days - years - of soaking in textures, smells, and colorings stored deep down in the sub world of me, waiting to be pulled out when needed for a painting.

When I paint, my head chatter is gone. And when I sit amongst the donkeys, I am slowed down to their pace, I watch their ears - ears that ear things before I do.

Just the other day I was doing barn chores. As I cleaned stalls, I was rehearsing the many tasks waiting back in my studio -- deadlines, phone calls, and problems waiting for solutions. I was anxious to get back and just get it all over with. In my impatience, I was trying to get one of my donkeys to move faster to get him into another paddock - but if you've been with donkeys, even trained donkeys, you know they do many things very slowly, one hoof at a time. He stopped to stand like a statue, I sighed an impatient sigh, and I impatiently suggested he get going. While his ears pricked backwards to hear my plea, they then returned forward toward the lower pasture. I stood with him in silence to observe the fog blanket comforting the grass and weeds over our lower fields, with the white dots of our sheep peeking out. My donkey looked up, and there was a flock of ducks in formation, flying past, gone in seconds.

I never would have experienced that moment if it hadn't been for those donkey ears showing me the way. We all have the equivalent of donkey ears in our lives, pointing us to profound moments and simple beauties, inspiring painting, poem, or song... or just absorbed for nutrition. While my husband and I live on the farm with wireless internet and cell phones (the latter might work if you stand up near the Old Oak Grove), we are not texters or iPhoners. We work hard but live simply, and even I have to make a choice to stop, and look.

I've looked at paintings I did years earlier and wondered the exact moment that inspired it. I wonder how many inspirations I've missed that might have ended up in a painting, simply because I was going about my day impatiently, not taking time to stop and observe.

As I said, I must be more "donkey".


Anonymous said...

A lovely post-I feel that way about my geese.

Karen said...

Such wise little sages, these Donkeys! We can all certainly use some Donkey wisdom to seep into our daily lives, to help us see what really matters. What wonderful advice! Many thanks to our little Apifera friends to keep our eyes and ears open to the little joys that escape us...I'll be pausing and looking much closer these days!

peggy said...

donkeys know what they're doing! slowing down is a very good thing and so often i don't do it. i wonder how much i miss because i don't slow down. i know how much i see, hear, smell, taste, enjoy when i do...

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

this is a beautiful and eloquent post.
something I've wanted to read for a while but haven't found til now.
thank you

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