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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Self publishing farmer artist creature

Here you see two more images from my upcoming book, "Misfits of Love". I am so close to getting this book birthed and at times I am anxious, then excited, drained, and sometimes overwhelmed. I have moments of fear -

"Will I lose my shirt on this?"

Then I crunch numbers, breathe, and remember who I am, where I am, and I just feel a sense wash over me that it will be okay.

This final week of August is always a relief for me as the summer heat is waning, the Earth is cooling, and the flies begin to die off. It also has a sense of anticipation for what's to come - I remember having the same sense as a little girl, anticipating autumn, a new school year, new pencils and text books. I loved bringing out my favorite winter sweaters to wear and got my boots ready for action. It was exciting with a hint of wonder,

"What will my new home room teacher be like?"

On the farm, it is a week that has me planning for many things - the flock will need their vaccinations and feet trims, breeding season is upon us so cross fencing must be checked, the new shelter for the adopted ponies is being built, the firewood needs to be finished, and I begin thinking about mud containment and erosion that will happen with the winter rains.

And it feels like the right time to promote the book and get people excited to pre-order it. Part of self publishing is finding that right mix of promoting one's wares without feeling like a used car salesman. It's a fine line. The buck stops with me and I'm the one in charge of signing a contract with a pretty big old number with a dollar sign after it. Gulp.

If you love this blog - ad free for eight years now - please consider pre-ordering or donating to the "Misfits of Love" page. You will be helping one of a new wave of authors/artists opting to self publish their books and get them out into the world, no easy task, but as I've found even in the days of angst- so much more gratifying than knowing a good book sit in a slush pile.

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