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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Elder ponies arrive!

They are here and what sweet beings they are! Today is very hot too and still they are well mannered and very calm, considering the last months of upheaval.

Now, I just don't think "Willow" is going to be "Willow". So I've discussed it with her and I will wait for the right name to present itself. I often do this - I feel it's my responsibility to follow my inner muse that is asking to rename them - and it's a new start for them here, their final home. She is the tubby bottom pony, the one that had 6" long curled feet, turned over, which has crippled her slightly. I will take a movie sometime soon. She needs to lose weight - don't we all? She has already figured out I am the one who brushes her. Her coat was a matted and needs lots of brushing at this point.

Her mother, on the other hand, Sugee, needs to gain weight. Old Mama Sugee is blind and has no ears. One ear hole is completely closed up, the other is a barely seen stub. When she wants to know where she is, she sort of whinnies in a quiet voice and if you go over to her she presses her head into you and then goes on about her way. I've created a special eating area within the orchard for Sugee so her daughter can be near by but it will allow Sugee to eat all her grain without tubby bottom getting her dinner. We will be feeding her 3x day to get more weight on. Since her rescue in February she has gained some. We will get those teeth floated within the month as she is dropping feed.

I have them in the Donkey Hug area for now and as we speak Martyn is getting the new stall/paddock ready. Should be at least 2 more weeks. They will have a separate paddock/ hut next to Boone and near all The Misfits. They can eventually have goat and pig guests during the day, and chickens and ducks. They lived with a duck and when they heard 'quacks' they perked up. We had meant to start that paddock last spring but life got in the way, and I'm glad we didn't build it, as I didn't know about the ponies then - so this hut will be bigger.

All in all, they are settling in wonderfully. I am really glad I can help these old gals! Feel free to chip in to help with the extra requirements these two old gals will take.


Claire MW said...

They are lovely, and just exactly where they are meant to be. I am fascinated by the whorls on the legs in the last picture...so fluffy and curly...I am guessing that is not "normal" and will brush out in a short time. It just makes her look like she has sheep ancestors!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Hi Claire, yes, the hair on wooly lady is due to the fact when they took her from her home she had completely matted down, thick coat [in Feb] so they had to shave her a bit, or cut it out. She is heavily coated still and I've been brushing her out, hopefully by next year she will shed out with proper management. But I'm not sure if she might retain some curl [I hope so!] as it might just be part of her genes.

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

they are lovely

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