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Sunday, November 10, 2013

A cat of Apifera

BW arrived at Apifera around 2006 or so, strutting into the barnyard one day like a visiting dignitary. He had a mellow disposition and was very friendly when I introduced myself– but to this day if guests or visitors come he disappears. I started calling him BW for Black-White, since I was unsure he'd stay, and I think I was on about the third litter of trap-spay-neuter so I was a bit warn out from naming cats–as I recall.

Over the years, BW has become a friend. He is quite the love machine with me to the point he can be a bit of a pest, unintentionally. He has a habit of jumping up on me during my evening wine sipping and has broken two glasses on my end table–which always causes a near riot. He is one of 4 cats that have indoor–at–TV–watching-time privileges but sleeps outside. Like Mama Kitty, Plum and Little Orange, and now Miss Peach, he resides on the front porch or nearby hiding spots and does not venture out to the barnyard much. He is an avid hunter and I respect his quick kill, unlike Itty who taunts. I also can say I've never had a cat that climbs through dangerous territory in the kitchen and can sneak a pork chop off a counter right in front of your eyes.

Some time ago, BW started losing weight but was eating like a horse. The vet suspected thyroid imbalance, which I guess is common in adult cats, and blood work confirmed it. He'll be on meds now for the rest of his days-sigh. Always a challenge medicating the semi ferels. I hope to see weight gain in the next couple months.

I've been loving my macro lens. To the non photographers, that is how I get the blurry parts of the photo. It is tricky to use with moving targets,however, and also means I often chop some one's ears off.

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