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Monday, November 18, 2013

Old Rudy keeping it real

I have been manically wrapping, packing and shipping all the pre orders of the book and totally underestimated the time involved. But, it's okay, it's exciting. I also underestimated how wrapping the books, packaging them in an Apifera way, putting the label on and knowing in 2 days that specific person would open the book-it felt so nice–like giving a gift rather than sending a product out.

The time involved in wrapping them individually with hanging tags and embellishments makes me feel the recipient will feel something tangible from the farm. I suppose the book–if I succeeded-will do this too, but I just like wrapping stuff. My father loved Christmas and birthdays and wrapping things in very special ways–I guess it is fitting then since he is such a part of the book.

But life is here, on the ground, and the animals and farm keep me grounded. I found a quote I had given some years back–

"Painting lets me float, farming keeps me grounded."

I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about! But, I do feel that way. And as I was rushing around all day in the studio and to the post–again–I came out in the rain to do night feedings. The first voice I often hear is Old Rudy who is going on 13. His shoulder is getting very extended and he is on daily pain meds, but his eyes are bright and he still climbs steps to sit up high. He loves to go off into the wood shed area of the barn to be alone–just like Old Man Guinnias did. I'm so glad he found his way here. His former owner is too and it makes me feel good she knows he is cared for. I spoke to Rudy again tonight, as I always do, telling him he is double loved.

Rudy is in the new book of course, and don't forget there is a Special Two Book rate on through November. If you only want one copy, visit the Misfit page.


turquoise cro said...

I KNOW how YOU feel! especially if YOU go to the trouble(really SWEETNESS) of making something SPECIAL! Getting 3 cards ready for the mail yesterday was tiresome!and took way too much time! Time is going faster!!!as the oldsters used to tell me! Ha! Looking for new addresses is what GRRRRRRRRRRs me!! I need a new address book soOOOoO bad! hehe Can't wait to get my book Katherine!! X&Os to all!

Unknown said...

i love the quote ! so perfect, the way i've felt but didn't have words for.
i cannot wait for my special package and btw my art card? OHHHH.....pure love! love love love! thank you so much . i cherish it!

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