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Friday, March 07, 2014

Dirt Farmer tested

I know you are all aware that the berries that go into my pie are pig tested, but just to be clear, all pies are Dirt Farmer Tested. I get to live with this fashion plate and am the luckiest shepherdess [who is still waiting for the first lambs to arrive] in the county, make that the world.

Last week I started Weight Watchers online to lose 10# that has crept on me over the past few years-too much merriment with the grape and cookie dough I think...and Martyn's fabulous cooking. Martyn has been so supportive, as always, making sure he weighs my portions before he serves me at night-yes, he serves me, I can't help it, it is what he does and I appreciate it very much. So I proudly told him I'd lost 3#, and he said,

"Me too! I'm down a belt hole!"

And we laughed and laughed. It's important to have laughter everyday and I'm blessed with that.

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