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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The donkey has lit a candle

I...um...think...we ...are ...funded.

But I am nervous-I have the same worry genetics as Paco the resident worrier.

Right now, I just need to take a breath, have some wine tonight, dream deep. I am so happy. Really!! There were so many who helped in so many ways-sharing, pledging, repledging, telling friends...it all came together. Some sent big donations that helped at very crucial times. But all the pledges-all of them-were met with me smiling and feeling gratified. I mean that.

But there are reasons why people should still consider pre ordering the book for the next 5 days [the Kickstarter campaign goes until 3/24 no matter what]and why going slightly over the fund will give a bit of a buffer in case of mishaps.

- Like I said, I'd like a comfort zone over the goal, in case someone pulls out [please don't do that!]

-Anything over $14,500 will be put to good use- promotion of the book [paid PR releases, mailers, give always, ads] and possible reprints costs

-By pre ordering here, you get a book for $25 [includes USA s/h] and that price will go up after 3/24 for regular buyers. I can't give you the exact retail cost of the finished book yet since I don't know weight and final incidentals, but am assuming it will be $28-$35 [that includes USA shipping]

-I'd also like to take some of what might be pledged in the next 6 days and use it for a private pie party for children and elders. I have a couple of contacts and am hoping I can pull that off.

So keep pre-ordering until Monday 3/24!

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bennylove said...

hello dear Katherine- you rock my world. love to you All. (lynn from minn-y-sota

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