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Friday, June 12, 2015

Blind pug pie prep

For the record, the Walnut Pie I made yesterday had some of the best crust ever. It should be an exceptional year for my pie!

Hughie fits right in. I prepped the many pie crusts yesterday and he and Huck were right there at my feet. Hughie took it upon himself to snorkle up any dropped flower and Huck was more about bits of scrap butter flying around.

I can't tell you much I love having an old pug around again, and Hughie is his own man. He has fit in so smoothly, such a courageous guy being totally blind and all. he's been through so many changes this year, I'm just so proud of the little tater tot. He really is good with the layout of the house, can do the stairs slowly on his own and has a routing now.

He and Huck have almost become elder buddies, as Huck is a year or two older and getting very grandpa like. In the morning, I let Hughie out on his won, and Huck comes up and sits by my side while I eat my yogurt and banana and then he gets to lick the bowl. It is written that this is the way and has been the way for years.So then Hughie is let in but I've been letting him in before i eat breakfast, so now Hughie and Huck are at my side, and Hughie tries to outsmart Huck for the best seating arrangement. It's very funny. But Huck still gets the bowl, and Hughie gets the spoon. Mud goes to sleep on the couch.

Today I will be dashing about, okay dashing like a donkey-methodically- getting fabric hangings and signs up, the porta potty will arrive and the Puppet is waiting at the gate for it.

Much to do. Pie baking begins tomorrow.

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