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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A Magical Misfit Book Mobile is launched!

Imagine this: a tiny red trailer with a teeny tiny dutch door about 2 feet high opens, and there is a little goat greeting you. There is a homemade pie on the shelf above, and beautiful illustrated books to read and buy. You can go inside too, and sit and read to the goat.

I have another dream-to take my books and a Misfit or two and travel about in a little tiny red book shop, plop down at markets, schools, libraries, elder facilities, private parties and more.

A book shop where you can also sit and read to one of the characters from my book-a goat named Raggedy Man, or maybe Professor Otis Littleberry will be there with me.

I looked into have one built, but the prices were over $6,000 so Martyn and I are going to build one-with your help! We think we can do a good job with $3,200 and I've launched a Kickstarter project today; I have 29 days to raise the money, if I don't reach the goal I get no money, and anyone who donated gets all their money back.

We have a trailer bed and the finished book shop on wheels will be tiny-5' x 8' and 6 foot tall. There will be a big open window for me to look out and chat and sell books; a smaller two foot high double dutch door for a small Misfit to poke his head out, a reading chair inside for one or two children or one adult who can read to the animal, maybe a fresh homemade pie as my gift; and lots of love. I'm going to have wood on the outside and paint it red, and inside off white wainscoating. I want it to be intimate [how can it not be?] and people can also enjoy the animal. Maybe even the blind pug!

I am asking for all you Misfitians to come together and help me fund this. I want it to inspire young girls to write and be entrepreneurs, artists and authors to think indie and outside the box, I want people to have fun, read and walk away feeling full of Misfit love.

We have 29 days left- please support us if you can, and share away!