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Monday, May 02, 2016

Conversation with Equines: the last day on Donkey Hill

"So it's not today, but tomorrow. It will be like today, just different," I told the donkeys.

They watched me. We all sat in the morning sun, I kneeled down rubbing bellies as they gathered around me, their normal communing position.

"You will be together, and will be camping nightly at nice places. I'll be right behind you in two weeks," I continued, calmly.

"How many of todays is that?" Paco asked.

It is Paco I have whispered to over and over. He is the worrier. But he has his herd, and good travel caretakers.

"It is 14 todays, Paco," I said.

"14 days before today seems like yesterday," Paco said.

"Time goes very fast, Paco, even when you are a donkey," I whispered in his ears. And they swished their tails and ran up Donkey Hill for their last day on their farm.


leighkidd said...

Oh I'm trying not to be apprehensive! It is such an adventure. Perhaps you need one of those old shoeboxes my uncle's old German parents packed for me to take on the long train trip home from Wisconsin. It had a little box of raisins that I managed to stretch for days and more bits of snacks and things to entertain as I bided my time rattling home.

Terra said...

14 todays, that is an amazing way to put it. I hope Paco and his friends have an easy journey.

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