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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to stuff a trailer with Misfits

I would lie in bed these past mornings deciding the best method of getting all The Misfits into the trailer on move day-in a way that doesn't traumatize anyone, or break my back. The plan is to get the World's Grumpiest But I Like Myself The Way I Am Pig, aka Rosie, into her private traveling suite the night before with plenty of bedding and feed. She will scream and be horrible the entire time but once settled will fall off to sleep. She did this when we got her years ago.

Then Eleanor and her piglets will be put into their semi private suite and then we'll bring Cornelia and Birdie the llama in and shut the door.

Oh wait, I forgot that Itty Bitty and Big Tony will ride there too, in a private hanging bird cage type set up. In time, they will forgive me...I hope.

Then in goes Earnest who will ride in the front of the back trailer, maybe with Scooby Keith. In the bigger part of the back trailer will be The White Dogs, Raggedy Man, Sophie, Wilbur the Acrobatic Goat, and Moose and Goose. Sir Tripod will enter last, I will carry him in and decide the best place for him.

Huck and Mud will be in the backseat. Hughie will sleep soundly on his cushion on the floor. With any luck, they won't be farting the entire way. But we will roll with the punches.

I my goodness, The Head Troll. I am undecided as to which area she will be in. She will let me know. Like I've said before, she might be the third driver.


Palma said...

I'm new here (as of a month ago) so don't know lots of these people, but I am surely thinking about you and your family. we love the animals. Best!!!

Cheryl Razmus said...

Amazing! I can't imagine the logistics of food, water, and "potty" breaks for all. When we moved to Portland from Chicago last summer, there was just one small freaked out cat to cater to, and he was a handful!

Lisa Hofmann said...

I hope there will be a movie version ...;)

Yes, a whole new spin on the concept of "potty breaks." Speaking of which ... if you do decide you will want a break around Omaha, the rest stop I mentioned is probably a 20 minute drive for me (just to give me time to get there) OR if you need gas (?!) I live very close to the Sapp Brothers truck stop exit (do you remember the giant coffee pot exit?) It is cooling down here ... hopefully Rosie will appreciate that! xo

Candace Porth said...

Wow, all I can say is "Godspeed."

Anonymous said...

I love you. Safe journey!

Terra Hangen said...

You remind me of the Pied Piper with all the animals coming with you. I pray for traveling mercies to attend you and the gang.

leighkidd said...

A safe trip to all of you without DRAMA.
Have you posted your Twitter name? Will be checking for you along the way. Bon voyage!

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