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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Making progress

We are making progress. More fencing up so equines have a grass paddock, and now a shoot out to the beginnings of another field area. That field is about 2 acres and will be fully fenced this coming month. We will fence all fields by year's end, I hope. I also got up the piglet paddock/run that comes off the barn stall, and Martyn is working on putting up more picket fence which he is making so we can have Huck, Mud and Hughie running free in the yard again [that will be a relief]. Like I don't have enough to do, I couldn't stand not buying some plants for the garden beds by the house.

Something I really like about our new place is the proximity of the barn and animals to the house. When we sit on the back porch, our nightly routine, I can hear Rosie snoring, piglets suckling and can see the donks and Boone. The barn door is about 20 feet from me, where as the old farm was spread out all over. Things are closer together here which makes sense since winter is harsh and snow shoveling an issue. The new barn will sit about 100 feet from the other barn.

As is the case with creatures, they have immediate needs of fencing for safety, exercise and my ability to care for them properly. The property came with a small barn which is very well built but only two stalls-large ones-and that we are grateful for.I have runs we've put up off those, and in time that will be Misfit and pig area, but for now, the donkeys and Boone also have space there until the new barn and other field is fenced.

But everyday we make progress. Yesterday was a big one since I was able to get up the small pig paddock off the stall, and after two weeks of living inside, the piglets, Birdie, Sir Tripod Goat and Eleanor and Cornelia saw daylight. We were all relieved. I neglected to get a proper swimming pool for them so will get one, or help them make a small pool. Bad for mosquitos, but pigs like mud.

Boone is full of himself and I think I will rent time at the barn he boarded at to work some of his ya-yas out of him before I ride here. At the old farm, Boone had his own paddock and shared it with visiting goats or wandering sheep from time to time, but here in the day I let him be with the donkeys due to lack of fenced areas right now. He has been the dominant one which really surprised me as he is never the alpha with his horse buddies. Matilda is ever the protector of the minis and all in all everyone is happy. But it will be nice to get the larger fields fenced-hopefully in the coming month.

The piglets are pretty sweet, and funny. They are now leaping and playing with each other. Two are going to live with a friend of mine who also is moving to Maine from Portland and we have known her for a long time so I'm happy they will have a great home-I am fond of the two she is taking, especially the all ginger runt who is now catching up in size. I have been sitting and holding them all and he is the most personable.


Susan Bassett said...

love the pictures, and glad the barns and fields are closer to the house!

lishofmann said...

Wonderful update ... I feel like we just had a sit on the porch and now I have all the news on the Misfits and their new (and growing) home. xo

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