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Friday, February 23, 2018

We interrupt your scheduled programming to present The Nose

I will never learn. One can not try to be photographed with The Nose. The Nose always wins. The Nose will pull you in every time leaving any other person or subject in the image completely lost as a sideshow. As it should be-because I can not resist The Nose either. I want to reach into the photo and squeeze it to turn the clown sound come out of it.

I am very busy and intent working on the new photo book, which will be designed by Cheryl Watson who owned Graphiculture in Minneapolis for years. She gave me some of my first illustration jobs back in 1997 [oh my, seems like another life, I guess it was!]. I'm very excited about this book. It will be big and juicy, maybe 200 pages or so, perhaps about 11", with large photos filling the pages. I have just been working on the introduction chapter which highlights the beginnings of Apifera in Oregon. It has been a bittersweet challenge, but I also am realizing this book needs to happen and is something my soul needs to work on NOW. Many people have asked me over the last few years to consider a photo book, and I kept pushing the idea away. They are expensive to produce, and I just wasn't sure it was a good idea.

But Cheryl came along and suggested it again, and wanted to work on it. I am thrilled. This is the first book of my own that I have had design help with and I know it will add to the final book in ways I might not have been able too.

So stay tuned as this new book gets birthed.