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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Wilbur the Acrobatic Goat has a party

He requested a hay party, no cake, which was somewhat of a relief since the weekend has been full. He is Wilbur, Wilbur the Acrobatic Goat, who came to us many years ago, when we adopted him along with old Granny the goat. I couldn't resist taking Wilbur home too, he was so lovely and a beautiful brown. It was only after he had lived with us awhile that his true nature and talent as an acrobat came out.

Wilbur is nine today. It took me aback. Time is just...fleeting. Perhaps it is the fact too that in a month I will enter another decade, a decade that is the beginning of the end of the party.

"This isn't about you, it's about me, it is my birthday!" Wilbur just yelled. He also did a flip over Earnest the pig...he still is nimble, although he too, like me, is showing his age.

"EHEM! I said this is all about me today, not you!"

So, raise a glass to a fine goat, a wonderful, happy, pretty well behaved goat, except when he' not. We love you Wilbur!

{Wilbur is one of many Misfits we've taken on here and your donations help us continue our work with elder animals, and people. Thank you.}