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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Man, woman and goats celebrate!

Martyn turns 59 tomorrow. And I turn 60 two weeks later. We have always made the two weeks between our birthdays, since we are the same age for that short time, something special. Well, not in diamonds and pearls or lavish dinners out, we just take extra time to acknowledge our blessings to be together, healthy and still rockin'.

It's a big birthday coming up for me, I guess. I've always had a good relationship with age. It's just a marker on the road. The important thing is I'm still moving and evolving. I'm getting more 'comfortable' with my aging as far as my appearance goes. I think leaving the old place for a new place allowed me somehow to step out of that perceived 'me' in my mind. When I moved to the old Apifera, I was only forty four, still all skin glowing and firm abs and arms. It has taken awhile after about age 57 or so to recognize myself!

I was thinking how, the sixties and onward are much more like the teenage years, in reverse. As a teen, we are anxious about our appearance, our bodies are riddled with hormones that create all sorts of outward and inner effects. Aging is like that for women too. I realized that it took me time as a teenager, and young twenty something to become comfortable with my own skin, inside and out. The last few years have been like that, and I'm beginning to ease into the new evolved me.

So, I'm making Martyn a Hummingbird Cake. We don't have a lot of sweets but when we do, it's homemade. We'll have a good meal like any night, he has said he wants to make mussels which I don't eat but he's the birthday guy.

Martyn shares his birthday with Goose, and I share my birthday with Moose. Having a birthday shared with a goat is fine by me. You might know the story-but I'll share it one more time. My mother had died in 2013, and I told Martyn I wanted to bring home a baby pygmy, because I always was adopting elderly goats, some who didn't live long, and I was sick of death. And without telling him, I found a little pygmy ready for a new home-that was Moose. And without telling me, Martyn found a little goat needing a home from one of his clients, that was Goose. When we found out they each shared one of our birthdays, while I of course said it was written in the stars.

And to honor our birthdays, we want to wrap up the barn fundraiser. We have about $3,500 to collect, and then our matching fund kicks in and we will have the main amount needed to build the third barn. I set up a fundraiser on Facebook and we have collected $400 in a day, so that is a wonderful way to start our birthday celebration! I'm so grateful. This is going to be a building year for Apifera, lots of things percolating here...you just watch!

You can send a birthday donation on Facebook, or here at the blog. Either way, it will be added into the total needed for the barn. It will be nice to have that one under our Misfit belts.