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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Pickles' pickle and we enter busy-busy season

Yesterday we did major spring clean out of goat barn, taking out the deep bedding I use in winter to help with warmth. I take it all out in spring to help with lice. So I timed it so I'd clean it all out, about 2 hours of time, and then we could rush to feed store to get summer bedding...on arriving back at farm, there were some very familiar looking wide short bodies rushing back inside the enclosed fence...

meaning they were outside the gate.

The slider door had not latched-we've been having trouble with it. Martyn has since fixed it but I nearly died seeing them out of their protected area. Fortunately they went to the back of the barn and not 100 feet out to the busy road.

All is well.

Upon reentering the barnyard, I caught this picture. Pickles looks extremely proud of her recent pickle, don't you think?

I'm spending today getting new bedding in. It works great for the pigs and is fresher and cleaner. We put about one inch of equine bedding pellets down, which will crush over time, and then top it off with about 5 inches of cedar dust. I was never a fan of sawdust in equine stalls, seems in cleanup you lose a lot of it. But this works great and last well all winter with the three pigs. The biggest mess maker is The Goose who insists on bathing in the water and it gets all over. I've tried so many ways to aleviate it but nothing works perfect. Anything to keep The Goose happy though, right?

I'll also be doing spring shots and deworming for the goats this coming week or two. I don't do the horses but do all my own maintenance on goats. Feet trims too will be done. 

 Martyn's been splitting wood all day. Got another cord out of fallen wood from last summer.

So we enter the busy time-spring...shots, annual horse tests and vet care,  sheering of llamas and sheep, spring shots and garden and barn yard cleanup. We are still trying to get vaccinated and someone gave me an insider tip on getting into Walgreens so I will try that this week. We are pre-registered in hospital and they hope that will happen by end of month. I hope many of you have been able to get vaccinated. I am envious each time I see a friend getting it done, but happy for them too.