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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Mother Dove leaves...but they always come back

I've been wanting to write to you about Mother Dove who has been sitting on a nest in the gutter for weeks now. This is taken from the ground floor looking up. The gutter is right outside my second floor office and every day and multiple times a day I look out to see her patiently sitting, waiting. At early evening she would sometimes leave but then another dove comes. I hear the mate daily. 

Well, this morning she was gone. And she has not returned. I hear her cooing though. 

I wondered if she said goodbye last night-that is the human in me asking, the story teller…but if you have followed me a long time you know a dove came to me hours after my mother died [2013] and I was so raw that day-I was painting the living room out west and she came to the window area and just stayed for such a long time…like 30 minutes or so. 

So doves have a special meaning to me. And they always leave just like my mother left in death, but they always return.

Postscript: 3:30 pm She has returned. She was gone all morning and past noon. It rained a lot today so maybe that is why she is back. I have never been able to detect if there was a hatchling so maybe it is still just an egg. Such a loyal creature to sit in a rainy gutter waiting it out [her nest is high enough it appears to be safe-let's face it, she knows what she is doing and does not need human pontificaters interjecting about her nest building]