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Thursday, June 15, 2023

Stinkin' good day

So I am feeling skinkin’ good because today I followed through with Plan B and brought Stink Cartwright out with The Teapot into the front paddock. Firstly, she was a calming influence even from the get go and even though Stink could hear Oliver squealing in the distance, he just kept walking and watching The Teapot my cues and not one squeal, not one head toss. He was his stinkin’ cute self. 

He was calm in the paddock as was she. The Teapot did let out one little bunny hop kick at Stink-but it was basically her saying, “Hey, you're short and cute, but not my type, but I’m happy to be in charge so just call me Auntie Teapot.” I left them in the paddock while I worked in the Lovey Mobile and gallery preparing for Saturday’s event. 

I am feeling relief because I thought, “Mrs. Dunn, are you going to have a wild pony show here or what?”. I knew The Teapot would be thrilled to get out and would not care one bit about leaving the barn. She’s on dry lot so the fact she got to eat three bites of grass was thrilling for her.

I also am really loving the vibe of the Lovey Mobile. 

I’m also going to bring Peso out. I’ll have him in the lower paddock, where I can easily retrieve him, and return him if gets tired. I think he will love the attention. Peso is a lover but when new people come into his paddock he often does a bunny hop away and then waits to sniff you out. I do think he has some sight/hearing issues, and his former family explained how the past home Peso lived as a youngster had a bull who would cause trouble and the farmer tossed things at the bull [and I guess Peso] so he might be upset to this day if someone tossed something. I haven’t seen that with him, but if he’s with me standing I think he will like the love. 

We had two of the four volunteers cancel due to illness and one of the remaining two is iffy since her husband is home on chemo. But I was able to snag someone today and Girl Friday and Martyn and me will be fine. The weather was good, then cloudy, then light rain, then no rain till 4, now its back to some drizzle but only .1” over 6 hours. For me, it is perfect as I don’t like heat! 

 It’s Love Day! Stink will have daisies! Harry will have His Haircut! The Teapot will get some beauty tips!