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Wednesday, June 07, 2023

What is helpful right now? This piece of art? I don't know.

"They Broke The Dam And Tears Are Water And Arms Are Wings But Putin Will Never Have Wings"

The Ukraine War...or should I say The Putin War Against Ukraine continues and it is frustrating and sad to watch. How much they can take I can't imagine. I sit in my privileged American viewing spot, horrified by what I see, but I am free to walk away, put up a bubble, to protect myself.

The dam collapse just sent me spiralling -all the horrible stories of animals and humans dying and in despair. The zoo that had survived the war so far...but now wiped out. The suffering that must have occurred.

I have gotten better at not 'taking on' all of the woes of those suffering, but it usually strikes me when I see vivid images, and then I have to stop and help myself be protected from it.

By not looking I feel I'm letting those people and animals down. By looking it hurts. The conflict of life on earth as an empath and human-what is helpful? Being outraged on social media? Doing a paintings? I did this painting, working intently on it, feeling it, yesterday. I guess it is an homage to the dead and dying. I had seen a pot bellied pig in a dog house, on top of a lot of the flooded area. He was safe for the photo, but I let myself go there, thinking of my pigs if they had been there. The suffering of so many.

I guess the best we can do is support Ukraine with money and weapons...and by calling out current elected officials who feel it is not in our best interest to help them, the head of the House for one. It is not in the world's or America's best interest to vote in any lawmaker that thinks Putin is a 'strong leader' and should be negotiated with. That is misguided and those people have ulterior motives. Putin is evil pure and simple.

The conflict of wanting to love all humans. I can not love Putin. The challenge of accepting that all humans have some light in them-not if they are truly evil. Putin is evil. He has no light. I have come to that conclusion after being on earth this long. Some humans are evil beyond rehabbing them.