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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Birthday of Huck love

I've gathered some of my favorite photos of Huck for his birthday. These are the expressions and stances I will always remember of him - and hope we have many more years ahead to experience this gentle soul.

It is the day of his birth. Eight years ago before this day he did not walk the Earth, nor did I know he would come to us. Each day he respects me with his eyes - eyes that tell more than any long memoir could about him. He is kind and hesitates at doors to be asked in. He sits to my right but if my feet fidget, he moves ever so slightly to the left - just for me.

On a daily basis he greets trees with nose and then bodily function. He asks little of me -

"What will she do with me today? A car ride to town and into the feed store? I wait. I shall watch her all day and wait to hear her voice."

"Go!" she just said to me.

And I run out the door and my ears flap out loud in freedom, but I can always sense she is nearby waiting for me to return to her side.

Happy Birthday, my dear Huckleberry Pie, the most luscious chocolate eared loyal companion in the world.