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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Every day is a good day with chickens

In days of grumpiness, or low hanging clouds that keep the dank air right on the bones, it is easy to feel glum, like Spring will not come.

People like to say, "Spring will come..." but they know as little as you or I.

But when I see a chicken on one of these glum days, my spirits lift. One can not be but amused at their social chatter, their extensive vocabulary, their lovely fluffy undergarments and their hops that can also turn into raptor like rushes to spilled cat food.

While this joy might be temporary, one only has to go out the next day and observe the chickens again.

I do believe Spring will come, and then chicken observing becomes downright delirious.


barbara said...

chicken are the best, I miss them so in the big city.

Bridget Hunter said...

I envy people who have chickens just at their door to sketch and watch.

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