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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blanket us, dear Fog

It has been the month that Fog has visited us repeatedly, crystallizing the trees and grass tips. Even the sheep hair that is rubbed off on to gates is full of sparkle.

When I first arrived from the Midwest, I was enamoured with Fog as it seemed more like a creature here than in my old prairie homeland. It is an entity of its own and when I'm on the farm it feels warm like a blanket, protective. Out and about on the roads it feels much more vast and almost suffocating at times. But here at Apifera, the sheep poke through the fog in a distant field or cats sit amongst it, a chicken coop looks a bit more like a Monet, all making Fog a lovely treat...in moderation.

Today the sun is out but the buckets are frozen and I eye a beginning bud on the apple trees. I think of Spring.

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Ruth Armitage said...

I do love fog on a farm :) And the frost was beautiful- as you say... in moderation! I'm loving this mild weather though :)

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