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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

More little Mud

In cleaning up and revamping of blogs I kept coming upon older photos. I have become one of those people that keeps resharing old pup, lamb, donkey and kitten photos of the past. Double sigh.

But really, these remind me of Muddy Madness Days that ensued after we first brought this little chocolate chubbers home to Apifera some three years ago. You can go back and see them all for your viewing pleasure. He was a squeeze boy, wasn't he.

I'm turning 55 in a few months. I think I am right smack in the middle. This has a way of making each photograph - even it was taken a week ago - make me stop and analyze each detail of the photos - the light, how old I was when it was taken, and in this photo the fact there is no cross fence on Muddy Hill reminds me of the work that has been done in three years.

Still, the best part of this photo, it is almost edible.

Thank you, Muddy, your face always makes my day, even when it has just eaten cat poop...or sheep poop.


Kim said...

I love seeing your photos, whether they be the newest, or old shots of puppies & kittens. Your photography has a particular style, your eye roaming intimately over your farm with love, and we can only peek into your fascinating world through what you share through your stories & images. Thanks as always for brightening my day.

Katherine Dunn said...

Thank you, Kim!That makes me feel good...

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